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A little bit about our Store.

Below you will find sections about how our store works. In particular:

Tragically, we must place here the caveat that anything here may be changed without notice, though being good, caring, respectful folks, every effort will be made to keep this page up to date. We're still evolving.

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Our Payment System

We accept credit cards, cash, and cheques. We are pleased to be able to offer the ease and convenience of online credit card acceptance. Should you wish to pay by cheque, you will have to contact us by email message or phone so we can take your order and make delivery arrangements. All cheques will be payable to "The Carpenter's Son's Apprentice" and there will be a minimum $20.00 surcharge for any NSF or otherwise uncashable cheques. Please only use cash if shopping in person - do not send cash in the mail.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for items through our PayPal interface, nor do you need to create one. You should be able to fill out your billing information (including address for what are hopefully obvious reasons given that you're ordering something and want it delivered to you), enter your credit card information, confirm your order, and then leave the PayPal secure site and never get contacted by them or us except with respect to your order. Simply select the "I do not have a PayPal account" part of the payment tab and you can enter your information. You do NOT need to create an account.

PayPal guarantees secure transactions. Their site is a secure site (note the https: in the url when at their site). This is where all your payment details are given. Your credit card information is not given to us at The Carpenter's Son's Apprentice. We get a notice from PayPal with your contact information, what you ordered, and how much you paid. Transactions will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL*CARPENTERSS". If you click the "Add to cart" button and your browser tells you that the page (which will be a PayPal page) contains unsecure information, it is because our logo (which appears at the top of the PayPal screen), is not stored on their secure server. This does NOT affect the security of any other information but the logo.

Pick-Up:If you are able to arrange to pick up your item(s) from our workshop on Gabriola Island or, possibly from a pre-arranged location in Nanaimo or Victoria, you may well be able to get a significant discount, particularly for smaller items. See our Shipping for more details.


Cancellations: If we receive notice from you (phone call is best) indicating that you would like to cancel an order of stock items from our web store before we ship your selections, we will gladly refund your total amount minus two dollars because of charges we incur from PayPal.

Changing your mind upon receipt: If you receive a product and change your mind, simply return it in original condition and we will refund your total minus the actual shipping cost to you. As shipping costs vary wildly, you will know what our actual costs are when you receive your package and read the postage information.

Refunds if we can't deliver: We reserve the right to refund your total purchase price if for some reason we are unable to make and ship your item(s) at a reasonable cost to us. We can't foresee this happening, but life and the postal service can throw all kinds of things at people.

Damaged goods: Take photos of the shipping package and the product and contact us promptly. At our option, we may refund your purchase price, ship a new product, or make some other arrangement with you. Let's hope this never happens for either of us!


PST: Provincial (BC) Sales Tax. This is a 7% tax levied by our province for all sales. Our PST number is: PST-1008-2451

GST: Goods and Services Tax. This is a 5% tax levied by the federal government on all sales and services. Our GST number is: 81859 1331 RT0001


Canada Post all our products ship via Canada Post (even to the United States). This is the cheapest means of shipping the we have found in Canada that also has reasonable reliability.

Shipping to other countries: If you require shipping to a country other than Canada or the USA, please contact us and we will send you an email with a price quote for your item(s) plus shipping and a personalized link for the purchase if you decide to go ahead!

Pick-up: If you can, save yourself the shipping! This will save you at least the stated shipping charge, if not more. In general, the smaller the item, the more significant the discount. This is ONLY possible if you come to our workshop on Gabriola Island (please call ahead) or at prearranged (contact us!) times and places in Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver, Coquitlam, and Maple Ridge. Please be aware that we are NOT often off of Gabriola as the ferry to Nanaimo is not free and the ferry to get us to the main continent is prohibitively expensive for us to travel more than a couple of times a year when family help out.
Unfortunately, if purchases are made using pick-up prices and you are not able to pick them up within either four weeks or at the pre-arranged time and place, we will have to refund part of your money, keeping $5.00 for PayPal and other fees and processing time.
If you are sure that you can pick-up, you can click here for purchases.

Customized Pieces

What is this? Several of our items (such as our Oil Candles/Lamps) may be created according to your custom design within reasonable parameters. This will require us getting in contact with one another, agreeing on shape and other design incorporations, and agreeing on both a timeframe and a price.

Prices for simple alterations of shape or design will not be charged a different price from stock options. (Yes - customer specific products for off the shelf prices. God is good!) We do reserve the right to say what is a simple alteration.

Ordering: Once everything has been mutually agreed upon, a customer specific web page will be created for you with a custom PayPal price link. Once you have paid, your piece will be created. Naturally, most customized orders are non-refundable.

Commissioned Work

Yes, Tim does commissioned work. Send us an email or give us a call and we can talk about what you would like. As with customized work on "stock" items, when we agree on a product and a price, a customer specificweb page will be created for you with a custom PayPal price link. Once you have paid, your piece will be created. Naturally, commissioned orders are non-refundable.

Privacy Policy

Short and sweet: We will respect and do our very best to protect your privacy. Period.

Mailing address: Obviously, in order to send you something you've ordered, we need your mailing address. But the only thing we will ever use your mailing address for is to send you stuff you've ordered.

Your email address and phone number will only ever be used if YOU ask us to get in touch with you or if we need to contact you about issues that may arise in trying to get something you ordered delivered to you.

Your PayPal credit information is handled by PayPal, and we never see it, get it, nor store it.

Location of non-credit information: Your other information will never be stored on our internet server. It will be stored in a password protected file on Tim's computer and purged after two years since your last purchase.

Don't you wish privacy policies were unnecessary because everyone was just nice and respectful toward each other?
Treat others at least as well as you'd like them to treat yourself.

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