Welcome to the woodworking part of the world of Tim Lissimore.

About The Carpenter's Son's Apprentice

The Person: Tim was once a fisheries scientist / ecologist. He has also been a minister in the United Church of Canada. Now he finds himself simply an apprentice of the Carpenter's Son - trying to live simply and faithfully in a world with so much to care about, and so much fear of caring.

The Business: The idea for this site started as a way to share some woodworking photos with some family members who simply never use Facebook. But after repeated questions about whether Tim sells his stuff and whether he does commissioned work, timed "interestingly" with movement within his spirit for some movement within his life, the idea of an online store developed.

Our Hopes: Our hopes for the store part of this site are as follows:
-First: We hope that sales will pay some of the bills, as this is now more than a hobby for our family.
-Second: We are floating the dream that it may one day pay enough bills that Tim can continue to serve the world and its people without having to worry too much about the mortgage and feeding his kids. In other words, we hope we can make enough that Tim can give more of his time caring for people and the world. In the future, he'd like to do some mentoring work with folks who could use some conversation as well as practical skills. Currently, however, his care-giving is focussed through pastoral counselling and other community support through A Thin Place Ministries (www.AThinPlaceMinistries.ca).

This page will evolve at random. If you are interested about something in specific, please drop Tim a note using our contact page or send an email to: Sorry, the image seems to be missing.. ( Sorry for the lack of automatic link -- too much automated spam!)